I haven’t seen it yet, but I saw the trailer show up on my favorite trailer site (albeit sometimes behind the curve – Apple.com/trailers) and just thought I’d share my views on it.

It’s about time.

Seriously.  I love a lot of the recent movies I’ve reviewed and talked about, but it has been some time now since a feel-good movie came along and discussed having a positive attitude in the real world without getting mocked.  This one was written and directed by Mike Leigh (Topsy Turvy) and set in the bleaker side of England.  With everyone trying to convince her that life is unfortunate (at best) Poppy just can’t seem to wipe the smile off of her face.  Even when her driving coach says, “You can make jokes while you’re driving, but you will crash, and you will DIE laughing,” Poppy just responds, “Well if you’re gonna go, it’s the best way to go I s’pose.”  Later in the trailer they’re outside of the car with him chasing her around and around…seemingly to try and strangle her.  Awesome.

This is just what our world needs right now in the seemingly dense fog of bleak cynicism that permeates all mainstream media, to have this movie come out and make it “cool” to be happy again.

I’m going to check it out when I get the chance.

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