Kill Bill: Volume 2

Kill Bill: Volume 2 was the much anticipated continuation and conclusion to the Kill Bill saga.  Most of you have seen it by now I’m sure, but I have to share my two cents about this film.

To me each movie is more like mini-stories woven into a movie format, and edited all out of order to leave the viewer on the edge of their seat (and out of their mind, curious).

This movie brings together The Bride (whom we find out has a name in this movie: Beatrix Kiddo) with two of her attackers, all of which is merely a roadblock on her way to kill her former lover and Master, Bill.

First she comes along Budd, Bill’s brother and one of the Deadly Viper Assasination Squad’s less tactful members.  He’s now living in a trailer in the desert of Texas, acting as a bouncer for a strip club.  Hating his life, and awaiting Kiddo to come and relieve him of it, he wants to go down swinging, or not at all.  I love how this sequence and her subsequent living burial take us into the sequence of her early training with Pai Mei (the guy standing on her sword in the picture above).  Bill trained under Pai Mei, so as far as he’s concerned, so must B.

Jumping forward, her next target, is Elle Driver, Bill’s new lover, and B’s deadliest enemy as far as Elle is concerned.

Once she’s climbed over the pile of bodies left in her wake, Kiddo finds that she’s not only person to have survived the small wedding massacre from the first film, but her daughter is actually alive, and in the care of her natural father, Bill.

The film has a great ending, that’s all I can say.  I love how even-tempered Bill is throughtout, but especially the last part of this movie.  So calm, so collected.  If that doesn’t intimidate a person…nothing does.

Haven’t seen it?  Go get the first volume, then finish it off, same day, with this one.

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