Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

Yeah, I know you’ve seen this by now.  If you haven’t….well, that’d be ridiculous, I’m sure you have.

Left to right in the above picture are Paul Rudd, Will Ferrell, David Koechner, & Steve Carell.  All four of these guys are geniuses.  Paul Rudd has been in a number of flicks, and is definitely one of my favorites after cementing himself in the Judd Apatow crew of friends.  Steve Carell and he would later star together in the 40 Year Old Virgin, which was also genius.  And of course, there was a guest appearance from former SNL alum, David Koechner.  These guys are fantastic alone, but together, this is a masterpiece of comedy.

Sadly for Ferrell, he set the bar so hi with this movie, people have been disappointed ever since with his follow-ups.  Most just haven’t quite met the standard.  Including Semi-Pro, Blades of Glory & Talladega Nights.  All good, but few are this good.

Steve Carrell playing the semi-retarded Brick Tamlin also set his career further into motion.  He first showed up on my radar on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart as a reporter, and frankly he was genius.  After that I saw him on Bruce Almighty as the fellow TV reporter Evan Baxter, and he was genius.  Here, he played a….TV weatherman (finally, some variety) and he was genius.

This movie produced classic scenes, lines, quotes and much more.  If you HAVE seen it, go watch it again.  It’s still great.

Also in this movie although (in my mind) of lesser note are Christina Applegate, Fred Ward, and even a minor role for one of my favorites, Seth Rogen (as a cameraman).

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