I remember hearing about this movie when it came out and thinking it was nice that the kid from Even Stevens (Shia Lebouf) was being given a shot at the movie business.  Then I heard rave reviews about it and thought maybe I should check it out.  But it never topped the list of movies I wanted to rent, so it wasn’t until yesterday when I caught it on ABC Family that I finall saw this movie, although, admittedly not in it’s original cut since there were commercials.

I liked it.  Not great, but not terrible.  I was expecting more of a fantasy twist on the holes.  I thought some horrible monster would be unearthed or something.  There was a BIT of fantasy to it being that there were some crazy lizards that looked like descendants of something out of Jurrassic Park (remember the spitters whose necks fanned out when they hissed?).

I think what I really liked about this movie was the parallel story that went with it.  It wasn’t just about kids at a juvenile detention camp digging holes, it was also about the history of the area they were digging, and had the ‘famous’ (fictional) Kissing Kate Barlow, and her love for the black onion salesman, Sam.  There was also a third story of an immigrant which sad to be said, I had a harder time following.  But in the end they all tied together QUITE nicely.

This movie had some surprising stars including, Jon Voight, Sigourney Weaver, Tim Blake Nelson, Henry Winkler, Patricia Arquette, Eartha Kitt & more.

I think the story was strong on it’s own too.  Originally written by Louis Sachar (the author of Sidways Stories of Wayside School) it was also adapted by him for the screen.

It’s basically about a family curse over 100 years time, from beginning to end.  It’s about buried treasure, and greed.  But it’s also about doing what’s right.  I think this is a great movie for kids, and if you get a change to watch it, I recommend you do so.

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