Dan In Real Life

I only KIND OF wanted to see this movie.  I love Steve Carell, but mostly when he’s being goofy.  Not because he’s not a talented actor always, he is, but I just really enjoy his off-the-wall craziness ala Anchorman or Bruce Almighty.  So I wasn’t sure if I’d see this one anytime soon, but fortunately my in-laws had it in from Netflix this weekend, so I sat and watched most of it (missed some of the beginning).

The general idea is that this widower father of three girls is headed to a family gathering at their cabin outside of the city after meeting this penultimate woman at the bookstore.  He’s excited to share his news, but alas it turns out, this woman he met, is his younger brother’s (Dane Cook) girlfriend.

His family keeps haranging him about how he should move on and find a girl (unbeknownst to them that the perfect girl for him is sitting in the same room with them this entire time).  He quickly finds himself becoming consumed with the thoughts of his brother’s girlfriend Marie (Juliette Pinoche) and realizes that it’s affecting all aspects of his life and that he needs to reign it in or he’s going to lose everyone he cares about…or is he?

It’s an interesting movie, with an adoring supporting cast.  I think his parents were perfectly cast (Dianne Wiest & John Mahoney (Frasier’s dad)).  And I think this made for a fun family movie, but it’s still not one of my favorites.  Definitely worth watching though.

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One Comment on “Dan In Real Life”

  1. hippylostintime Says:

    Oh no … here’s where we part company. Maybe it’s because of my family’s love affair with Steve Carell, or maybe it’s because of the sappy, “holiday” feel. I loved this movie — it’s one I would buy. My biggest complaint? Dane Cook is an idiot … Oh! And don’t you love the shower scene? Simply one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time.

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