The Dark Knight

Well, I didn’t wait in line for hours, I didn’t even have to sit next to a stranger.  In fact, I was able to pick my seat when I walked into the theater, so I sat in right behind the wheelchair rail near the middle.  I love that spot.

Oh, and I owe a mental apology to the late Mr. Ledger.  When I first heard he’d been cast as The Joker, I was furious.  There was no way in my mind he could live up to the insanity that this character deserved (from the comics of the same name).

All hype aside, this is now one of my favorite movies of all time…and it’s completely because of Heath Ledger’s performance.  In a movie surrounded by superstars, Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, & Morgan Freeman…the young Heath Ledger stood heads above the rest.

The words to describe his performance?  Not crazy.  Not insane.  Not even tyrannical.  Brilliantly out of control.

A word to the queasy – this movie has a few gruesome moments.  Nothing bad for those of us who are used to it…but please, keep your kids away from this one.  While the Joker is obviously the bad guy…he’s insane…and yet slightly lovable in his insanity.  The same is true of the other villain in this movie, and for those who don’t know, I won’t spoil it.

Performances by everyone in this movie were amazing.  The plot(s) were fantastic.  The begining, middle and end were all just astounding.  This broad, sweeping statement includes everything from the camera work, to the writing, to the performances and the sound effects….everything was just as it should be.

If someone sees this movie and thinks Heath Ledger is “no Jack Nicholson”…it’s because he’s not even TRYING to be.  It’s a different take on a different style of a different plot of a different movie.

Go see it.  Stop waiting.  Go now.  Don’t take young children.  But enjoy.

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