The Watchmen Trailer

Ok, this isn’t a movie that’s been released yet, but today is a day I’ve waited on for a LONG time.

My favorite (as well as many people’s favorite) graphic novel of all time, The Watchmen, has been turned into a film.

Will it be as good as the book?  I hope.  Will it follow it directly?  Probably impossible due to time constraints.  Does Alan Moore (the graphic novel’s author) like it?  No, but he’s an jerk about property rights and frankly is trying to keep it in it’s original form.  I understand that he’s allowed an opinion since he created it…but geez, he doesn’t like ANYTHING that he’s created turned into a film (V for Vendetta’s another great example).

Anyway, The Watchmen is about a society that has grown tired of superhero vigilantism and so the Watchmen is a group of dysfunctional heroes that become outlaws and have to annoucne themselves.  Then, years later, they’re called back into service by the same people that outlawed them.  But after all the years of distaste toward them, they’d rather give a big “F U” instead.

You’ve GOT to check out this trailer.  I think they nailed some of the characters from the book.  Ozymandias, The Nite Owl, Silk Spectre (I & II), The Comedian, Rorshach, Dr. Manhattan and more come to life in this film, and I CAN’T wait to see it.

Check this trailer out at Apple’s trailer website, or just go directly here.

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