O Brother, Where Art Thou?

If you haven’t seen this one yet…something is wrong with you.  If you’re worried that the title is that of a boring movie, or one where they speak all old-timey…you’re dumb.

Ok, now that I’ve insulted those of you who haven’t seen it and you probably haven’t read past my judgmental intro, let me explain why I feel that way.

This movie is incredible.  First of all, great casting.  Not a huge George Clooney fan (read: Not an 35+ woman with a penchant for Hollywood archetypal bachelors)?  Doesn’t matter, he’s still great here.  But even without him, you’re looking at John Turturro, Tim Blake Nelson, John Goodman and directed by the Coen Brothers (Fargo; The Big Lebowski; more).  The digital effects in this movie are almost unnoticeable, it was basically just some dirty color-correction (or falsifying).

And yes, you can’t write an opinion piece about this movie without making the comparison to The Odyssey since it’s based on the epic poem follow-up to the Iliad by Homer.  The epic poem is about Odysseus’ (or Ulysses’ in the Roman version) journey home from war with Troy, and how he becomes cursed by Poseidon (deservedly so) so that he will not be able to return home for 20 years.  It’s not an exact interpretation by any means, but Ulysses in this story is a southern boy tryin’ to get back with his family after being in jail for a while.  And his wife much like the Roman Penelope is being approached by a suitor who wants to take his place as head of the household.  I’m unsure why the mythic tale’s one son is replaced by about 9 little girls instead…but I’m not great at this stuff.  I do know that it includes a soothsayer (on a railroad), some Siryn’s (who seduce), and a Cyclops.

Let me pause there, as the Cyclops in this movie is one of my favorite characters.  John Goodman plays a bible-salseman with an eye patch.  A GREAT adaptation of character in my mind since he is a “child of the Lord” just like the Cyclops in the original tale is ACTUALLY a child of Poseidon (a god).

This movie is a fun journey from start to finish.  If you’ve read the Odyssey you’ll catch some nods, but if you haven’t then you’ll just enjoy it because of how much fun it is.

Minimal language, and minimal violence, makes this a fun story for most ages.  Although it does have some Ku Klux Klan imagery that may be a bit overwhelming…aside from that, they’re pretty good about making this family friendly…go rent it!

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