Fools’ Gold

Starring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson, this treasure hunting flick was awesome.  I honestly loved it.  It reminded me of “How to lose a guy in 10 days” (of course – same stars; but seriously their chemistry is great together) mixed with “The Goonies” mixed with any old good action adventure comedy.  I think it was a great mixture of both of those things as well, comedy and action/adventure.  It wasn’t heavy-handed on either end.

Basically the plot goes as such: Crazy-outlandish guy is losing his crazy-outlandish-but-wishes-she-were-more-scholarly wife after being incredibly unreliable.  They get divorced just moments before she finds out that he knows where this treasure is that they’ve been searching for throughout their 8 years together (they’re treasure-hunters by the way).  So she goes back to work for rich Mr. Honeycutt on his yacht who is equal to the Hilton family patriarch and kind of coaxes but kind of blindly leads her (now ex) husband to the yacht where they sell the idea of digging up this under-water (just off the Key West coast) Spanish treasure to Honeycutt.  He and his Paris Hilton-esque daughter are on board and a hunt ensues.

Meanwhile, the island that they’re hunting just off of is completely owned by renowned rapper (and acquitted murder suspect) Bigg Bunny.  He’s a gangster.  But a well-educated one.  His two dummy thugs bring some good comedy along (one of whom is fake-Jamaican-accented Malcolm Jamall-Warner from the Cosby Show).

Anyway, this is one that the husband and wife can watch together for SURE, and I think even the kids will love it, although there is some violence, and I can’t remember if there’s some serious language or not…I don’t think it’s too bad.

Anyway, go rent it this weekend!

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2 Comments on “Fools’ Gold”

  1. Leigh Says:

    If I remember correctly, Kate Hudson’s character was already working on the yacht before she found out about the treasure’s whereabouts. In fact, the yacht made a pit stop so she could go get divorced. It was Matt’s character who followed the yacht with hopes he could sponsor his treasure hunt without knowing his wife worked on there.

    I agree though. Great movie!

    ps: got your link through your brother so i ain’t a complete stranger. 😉

  2. Andy Owen Says:

    Thanks for calling me on it! You were right, and I made some changes to the post.

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